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sophro soin

caycedian sophrology  hypnotherapy meditation 


Children, Adolescents, Adults



Caycedian sophrology

Individual session

For your specific personal treatment : optimize your health, end addictions, overcome anxieties, relieve pain and support treatment, recover from shocks and trauma, prepare for an exam or a performance.

In private group, company, institution, sports and artistic club

Specialized Caycedian sophrology programs for well-being in your personal and professional life or to follow the psycho-body dynamic relaxation sessions.


Hypnotherapy and selfhypnosis

Individual session for your personal chosen programming and selfhypnosis training to consolidate your new state of well-being.

Applications and programs 


Individual and family coaching

Integration of meditative practices adapted to your daily activities to develop your abilities and balance your life.

Group lessons and workshops


Calm body and mind with meditation to familiarize yourself with a state of natural tranquility and become your true state of being.

Meditation for children

Developing innate qualities, understanding emotions of the child to teach him how to deal with external events.

Art-meditation workshop

Pictorial techniques combined with meditative concentration to reveal your artistic abilities and relax.

Programs and details

Contact & Appt.



by phone, please call

+41 78 880 81 68


In-office consultations

Gland, Rue du Midi 2

Visitors parking or 10 minutes from the train station

Out-of-office consultations

In the convenience of your home, organization or workplace.

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