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Meditation coaching

Integrating meditative practices into your daily life

Individual or family meditation coaching introduces meditative practice into your everyday life, without taking time away from your schedule of regular activities.

The program is progressive and integrated into real-life situations.

Techniques are flexible, and experimentation with guided exercises creates the best conditions to optimize personal development and your life balance.


Groupcours & Workshops 


Progressive meditation training for all

whether beginner or advanced



body and mind

Let go

and enjoy


Training program based on Chan and mindfulness meditation to reach calm in body and mind, to keep it in all circumstances and live the daily in the appreciation of the moment. By practice, your mind becomes familiar with a state of tranquility and returns to it in a natural way; tranquility becomes your natural state of being.

Meditation on the natural elements

Course on contemplating the elements of nature, earth, water, fire and air, composing you as living beings. By becoming aware of this internal meteorology, you adapt yourself to the reality of constant change, and move peacefully toward what is happening in our lives and you protect yourself against various processes of disruption or exhaustion.


Meditation for children

Through practice while moving or seated, and through creative exercises, children learn to recognize their emotions, sensations, thoughts; they learn to listen to themselves, encourage them to blossom fully and they are better able to cope with events outside their control.

Art-meditation workshops

Half-days or days workshops to bring out your creative potential. Pictorial techniques (watercolor, Indian ink, gouache, pencil) are combined with meditative concentration to relax through the pleasure of creating, developing your intuition and unveiling your artistic abilities.

Cultivating the natural​
Everyone is an artist



Meditation coaching

Individual sessions : CHF 130.- per one-hour session. Estimate for family.

We offer the option to meet in your home, in an organization or at your workplace. We will gladly provide an estimate based on the number of people, workstations, and travel.



CHF 20.- per person for one-hour, CHF 70.- for one month.

Art-Méditation workshops

Half-day : CHF 50.- per personne (4 participants)

Full day : CHF 70.- per personne (minimum 4 participants)

Meditation programs are for children and adults of all ages and conditions.

The programs are in no way religious or political.

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